Community Groups at Redemption

Have you been craving human interaction? Are you looking to dive into deeper relationships with people in your area? You're looking for community groups and we've got them!


Here at Redemption, our community groups meet in 3-month cycles (Jan-Mar, May-July, Sep-Nov) with 1-month breaks in between. This makes for an easier commitment for leaders and group members alike. So if you end up in a group that you don't love, you can jump into a new one the next trimester without any awkward goodbyes. If you want to host a community group, but the summer is no good for you - you've got two other options! We think it's a win-win scenario and we're betting you'll think so too. 


WEDNESDAYS AT 7  Donnelley-Diel Group  
THURSDAYS AT 7  Bodenschatz-Ball Group