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You gotta bale hay while the sun's out

Or at least that's what my grandfather told me when he wanted me to get off of my lazy duff and get out in the yard to help him. Or to quote Needtobreathe in their 2014 song "The Heart" - "gots to make hay when the sun is shining". What's the point?

Seize opportunities while they exist. Take advantage of the chance to do something while conditions are good.

We are living in a world that we couldn't have imagined prior to March 2020. COVID-19 changed everything. While many things have become more difficult during this time, some things are simpler, easier. There are opportunities exist only during this strange, life-altering COVID-19 time. Are you letting these opportunities pass you by? Don’t. Don’t waste a crisis. Make this time count. How? These are a few things I'm doing.

Make a List

What are the things that you have the time to do now that you won’t once "the sun sets"? Maybe it's making more meals at home with your kids or adding an evening walk into your routine. Maybe it's connecting with a home-bound neighbor for the first time or re-connecting with your spouse. What does it look like for you? What things do you suddenly have capacity to do? Make a list.

Make a plan. 

What tangible steps do you need to take to check things off your list? Be painfully specific with your plan. How will you measure the success of this plan? Put dates to your goals. Get them on the calendar. Once you work out the details, make your plan public. Tell someone close to you about the plan and ask them to hold you accountable. Goals kept in secret wither and die, goals spoken live and breathe. So share them with someone. 

Make it happen.

Go do it. Don’t delay. Stop making excuses. Stop procrastinating. Put down your phone. The sun is setting. The hay is waiting. Go bale it. 

Soon this will all be over. I know that is hard to believe. But one day, it will be over. The sun will have set. Don’t waste this day.

What have you set out to do during this time? Have you accomplished anything you're proud of in 2020? Tell us in the comments below.

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