December 5th - 23rd

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Christmas Eve (Eve)

December 23 | 6:00pm
at Jubilee Church (Sunset Hills Location) Get Directions

Are you searching for hope this holiday season? Light for your darkness? 

Join the club. 


No matter what this year, and the last few, have looked like for you, it undoubtedly held challenges you couldn't have anticipated.


Many of us have felt like we have been in a bit of darkness due to financial, family, or health stressors just to name a few. But God is known to do something amazing with darkness... he lights it up. This Christmas season, join us each week as we point to the light of the world in our series, "Let There Be Light" that will culminate on Christmas Eve (Eve), December 23rd, as we throw a HUGE party to celebrate the coming of the light of the world, Jesus Christ. 

If you haven't attended a service at Redemption before, we would love nothing more than to see you on Christmas Eve (Eve). We want to make your first visit as simple and comfortable as possible.  People usually want answers to these questions: 

When and where are your services? 

Until further notice, we will be holding service in-person and online at Destiny Church in Des Peres on Sundays at 5PM. We also live-stream our services on Facebook and Youtube

However! Note, that our Christmas Eve (Eve) service on December 23rd will be held at Jubilee Church in Sunset Hills. 

How long is a Redemption service? 

In total, a Redemption service is about 60 minutes in length. Our service begins with our band leading the church in music. We'll project song lyrics on the screens so you can sing along, but feel free to engage however you feel most comfortable. After the music is complete (usually 2-3 songs), our speaker will come out to share an encouraging and hope-filled message. At the end of the message, we'll participate in communion. If you're not sure what that's all about, no worries. We'll explain everything and there is never any pressure to participate in communion.

What should I wear? What's the vibe? 

The vibe at Redemption, in 3 words, is exciting, comfortable, and welcoming. Come as you are and expect to feel welcomed as our guest. You can wear a suit if you'd like, but we probably won't. Our lead pastor is usually in jeans and a casual shirt. 

We are a pro-celebration church. If you're looking for a more solemn, candlelit experience for Christmas, you are out of luck with us. If you're looking for a joyful, hope-filled, raise-the-roof party, you found your people.  

What about my kids? 

We normally host an awesome, engaging, fun experience for your kids during our service called Redemption Kids. For our Christmas Eve (Eve) service though, we're going to enjoy the service together as a church family. That means we'll probably have a fair share of fidgeting, moving around, and whispering. We're okay with that. Everybody is welcome. We'll have a space in the lobby with some (sanitized) toys to help your kids get their energy out. Every week we share amazing age-specific kids content here

Where do I park? 

When you pull up to Destiny Church or Jubilee Church, you'll be greeted by our smiling parking crew who will direct you exactly where to go. From there, head to the clearly marked front doors and we'll get you where you need to be.


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Dawning of Indestructible Joy - John Piper 

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Week 1: What's so special about candy canes? 

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